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Hello! I'm Phillip and I'm a certified personal trainer located in Virginia Beach.

It has been my dream for some time to start my own business so I can teach the importance of weight lifting when trying to shed some pounds. This coupled with simple lifestyle changes will help you reach your fitness goals. Journey Fitness is all about reaching small goals overtime and being able to stay consistent with fitness. 

What People Say About Me

I trained with him for almost a year now, and I am more than satisfied with the result. Phillip tailored the fitness program that fits my schedule and my fitness goals. With his lessons and training, now I am stronger physically and sharper mentally. I definitely recommend this professionally trained young man to anyone who is looking for trustworthy, practical training who cares about clients.
John Yong
Law Student
Phillip has been my trainer since Feb 2021. He is the most patient, responsible and reasonable coach I have ever seen. He will ask your priority in the training, set up your goals for you that you can always achieve, supervise your diet, and encourage you to reach your goals. I have been making progress little by little in every session and it has made a huge difference.

Home Gym Gallery

1 on 1

Hands on Learning



12 Sessions
  • 1 Hour Sessions
  • Catered to Your Goals
  •  General Nutrition Guidance 
  •  Use Your Sessions However You’d Like

Partner Training

Hands on Learning



12 Sessions
  • Workout with a Buddy for 1 hour
  • For those wanting an accountability partner
  •  General Nutrition Guidance 
  •  Get Stronger While Burning More Fat

Online Training

Hands on Learning



  • For those who already go to the gym but are frustrated with their results
  • General Nutrition Guidance 
  • Weekly Check-ins 
  • Will be emailed a program on google sheets

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