Living Life on the Edge

Adventure is the name of the game. The world is too beautiful to stay in one place. I will take you along with me and show you how it is done. From starting in my backyard of Virginia to going as far south as Argentina and beyond.

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I will be publishing guides and giving out travel tips on a weekly basis. All the equipment, how-to’s and directions to lead you in living the life you want. Click the link below to get started planning your next adventure!


Phillip Anderson

Adventure Enthusiast

Travel and adventure is something that means so much to me. I have been to 21 countries and 15 states. Hiking is another big passion of mine and I plan to go and see many crazy places in the future. Finding deals on flights and accommodations has been the main way I have traveled throughout the years. After reading my blog, you too can travel and go on an adventure of a lifetime.