piedra colorada

If you want to get away from the main beach of Montezuma but don’t want to walk too far, then Piedra Colorada will be one of your best options. This area is famous for its colorful rocks that scatter the beach. This surrounding area is the resting place of the Wessberg’s who are famous for their love of the area and nature. They were able to convince the Costa Rican government that these areas should be protected. Later the first national park was created in Cabo Blanco next to Playa Cabuya.

Piedra Colorada was made famous by the tradition of stacking these colorful rocks every day. It is encouraged to keep this tradition alive when visiting. This area is also unique because a river flows out of the forest, cuts the beach in half, and goes straight into the Gulf of Nicoya. There are other activities in and around this area that are fun to do if you are visiting Montezuma.

How to get to Piedra Colorada

Getting to Piedra Colorada is fairly easy. You basically start at the larger East Montezuma beach and keep following the beach. You will go along a few small trails and then you will see a sign stating you are in the area.

Here is the link to the map above for Piedra Colorada

Follow Playa Montezuma until you get to the entrance of the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort. This is where a trail starts that leads you to Piedra Colorada. You will know you are there once you see a sign.

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playa montezuma
piedra colorada
piedra colorada

What To Do Around Piedra Colorada

The main activity when visiting Piedra Colorada is to lay on the beach and relax. There are more things to do though if you want to venture out a little bit. Below I will list a few things to do after you have gotten enough sun for the day or even earlier than that!

Create Rock Sculptures

If you come here you have to do this. Before laying down on the beach, find your favorite rocks and create some sculptures. Re-build what was taken down by the waves the previous night. Lay on the beach after and enjoy what you just created. There are some nice trees that you can stay under if you need some shade while staying here.

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piedra colorada
piedra colorada

Swim in the Swimming Holes

You’re able to hike into the jungle by following the river that cuts this beach in half. The river goes back a decent amount and you will see different types of lizards and fish. While back there, you can have access to different water holes that you’re able to swim in if you wish. The water is much colder than the ocean but it is really refreshing.

piedra colorada
piedra colorada
piedra colorada

Hike to Playa Grande

If you still have time after visiting Piedra Colorada, you have to make your way to Playa Grande. In my opinion, this is by far the best beach in Montezuma. Not only is it massive, but there is also practically no one around you. This is a popular place for the locals to come surf and also for people to take surfing lessons. Once you arrive here, you will be surrounded by the Romelia Natural Refuge. This area is home to many different species of animals as well as a nesting ground for turtles. There is a popular volunteer program that goes on here that helps the nesting turtles.

playa grande montezuma
playa grande montezuma

Thoughts About Piedra Colorada

Piedra Colorada is a nice place to relax and that isn’t too far. If you want to go here, I would suggest leaving enough time to go visit Playa Grande. There isn’t too much to do here besides see the multiple rock formations. You can always move back and forth as both beaches are not too far apart from each other. If you are feeling extremely adventurous, then you can check out the El Chorro Waterfall which is about 1 hour past Playa Grande.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you can make it out to Montezuma the next time you visit Costa Rica!