cabin virginia woods

Covid-19 has really made life difficult in many ways for everyone. Shops are closing and restrictions are being put back into place. The one area that has been booming is the outdoors scene. When we went to the Shenandoah National Park back in September, it was the most packed I’ve seen in a while. We were driving around until dusk trying to find a camping spot because all of the spots had been full since noon.

Finding a cabin a few weeks out was extremely difficult but we found one in Laurel Fork, VA just a short five-hour drive west of Virginia Beach. This cabin was just what we needed, a cozy getaway with great friends, and great weather. Did I mention that this cabin was also on a farm?! We got the pleasure of meeting a donkey, horse, and many other friendly animals. To top it off we cooked some damn good hotdogs and hamburgers.

virginia donkey
virginia farm animals

We decided to take a break from all of the intense cooking that we were doing and go on a hike. This was a big day because it was Heather’s first-ever hike. I honestly think we chose a perfect one and it was also only a 30-minute drive from the cabin. We went and hiked at Buffalo Mountain Natural Area Preserve. It was a short and sweet trail (around 2 miles round trip) with spectacular views at the top.

Thanks for reading my 2nd adventure log! This was a short snippet into activities you can do in Virginia on any given weekend. I hope everyone has a great week and is able to get out and have an adventure of their own. Below will be some more photos of our Airbnb cabin and Jenny (donkey). You can check out the cabin we stayed at on Airbnb here.