The week in Huaraz started off great. We found some of the best coffee we’ve had in Peru so far. It was pricier than we’d like but it’s been a while since we had a good cup. It was much needed as we were getting ready to hike Laguna Llaca the following day.

This would be the last hike before Kelsey would fly into Peru and meet up with us. This hike was a lot better than I thought (I seem to say this about every hike here). It takes you through a beautiful valley with plentiful amounts of cows spread around.

The day after this hike I bused down to Lima to pick up Kelsey from the airport and then we headed back up to Huaraz. Our plan was for me to take a day bus on the 27th and then for us to take a night bus back that same night. There was only one problem. It was Peru’s Independence day on the 28th. This meant most buses were already sold out and the rest are going quick.

We ended up having to spend a night in Lima and then take another bus the following morning. It ended up working out fine because we had one of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve had in a long time.

Our goal for the next week is to get in 4 different hikes. We decided to do a lower altitude hike on Friday and then a tougher hike the following day. This is all in preparation for our overnight hike to Laguna 69 next week. This is the most popular hike in the entire region. Stay tuned for those photos.