mancora sunset

The week started Tuesday night as I hopped on a bus with a few friends from my hostel and headed towards the border town of Huaquillas in Ecuador. It was an overnight bus which is nice because you get to save money on accommodation.

We then took a taxi to the border and waited 2 1/2 hours to get through customs. This was my first time crossing the land border in Latin America and it was an interesting but fun experience. Once through we got a taxi to the town of Tumbes and got on a bus from there to Mancora.

All of this cost us only $32 plus another $2 because our bus didn’t stop in Mancora. We then had to tell the driver to stop in the next town and we took a 20-minute tuk-tuk back up the coast to Mancora. Still in total saved me at least $200 more than if I flew.

We are staying a total of 5 nights and as I’m writing this, we are taking a bus tomorrow to the town of Cajamarca. A great deal on Airbnb popped up and we booked it immediately. We’ll be staying in Cajamarca for a week and then we will begin to travel south some more.

The town of Cajamarca is a very unique town nestled in the Andes mountains. It is where the last Incan Emperor was held captive and eventually murdered. There are many archaeological sites to visit and also some thermal baths!

Tomorrow will be a long day as we have 2 buses totaling 15 hours but we splurged a little on them. Spent the extra money on the beds on the bus.

I’m sad to be leaving the beach but excited to see what else Peru has to offer!

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mancora sunset