Last week started with a long travel day from Huacachina to Cusco. We took a 4-hour non-stop bus from Ica to Lima. From here we got a ride to the airport and then waited a few hours before our flight to Cusco.

Our flight was then delayed. Not a good sign.

We knew something was strange because we weren’t given a gate yet. It was the only flight being delayed that late but I haven’t had a canceled flight in recent memory so I figured we would be fine.

A couple of hours later we received our gate number and we headed there. Once we arrived there was a massive crowd gathered around one of the staff members who worked for an airline. Sure enough, it was about our flight. It had been canceled.

Things like this can happen from time to time but we made good of a bad situation. We used our travel insurance to pay for a Holiday Inn hotel right across the street. A free breakfast and a nice bed were all we needed to take the worries away.

We showed up the next day at 8 AM to once again another delayed flight. Thankfully a couple of hours later the plane showed up and we headed to Cusco.

This town is very different from Huaraz. It is way more crowded with tourists but for a good reason. It is a beautiful town located in the mountains. The week was slow compared to the previous one because there were no major hikes planned. Kelsey’s friends came to visit and they went to amazon for a few days.

We are now getting ready for our major 5-day hike to Machu Pichu that we leave for on the 18th.

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