Welcome to my first adventure log! The goal for these blogs will be to let you in on the little adventures I go on. These adventures usually won’t deserve an entire guide on or will be a summary of a long week of travel. For the near future, I will be trying to focus on doing things in my hometown more. Seeing things that I have been normally oblivious to.

It was a cold September for our liking but October, for some reason, has been even warmer but we aren’t complaining. We decided to take our Kayaks out last weekend and we went to the Back bay area of Virginia Beach. This was our first time kayaking back here so we decided to only explore a section of it. It was an absolute gorgeous day and we really felt immersed in the region the longer we kayaked. Here is a map of Back Bay in Virginia Beach if you are looking to go! We launched off Horn Point Rd and explored the North Bay.

There is still so much to explore here and we could have easily kayaked all day. There came a point though when we built up too much hunger. We made an executive decision to turn around and go grab some food. Our next time kayaking we plan to explore the main part of Back Bay and show the sheer beauty of the place.

One of the good things that came out of quarantine was that we had the opportunity to try to restaurants. We love sushi and especially all you can eat sushi. Unfortunately, many of these places were closed and only open for take out. This was extremely frustrating news until we found an amazing sushi food truck called Vang’s. Their take on sushi is extremely creative and the flavor combinations are like nothing I have experienced before. Vang’s food truck was at a local brewery called Commonwealth Brewery and so we decided to end our day there. Nothing like a cold brew on a sunny afternoon with sushi.