We ended our time in Cajamarca, Peru by going to the thermal baths. It was an excellent way to relax and prepare for the upcoming travel weeks. These next few weeks will be some of the best of my travels this year.

On Tuesday last week, we took a 10 am bus to Trujillo where we then took a night bus to the town of Caraz. Only 15 minutes after our bus left Trujillo it had a massive oil leak. We then sat on the side of the road for 4 hours until it was fixed. That’s travel sometimes though. You gotta work around the ups & downs.

Caraz is two hours north of the famous town of Huaraz. This is where Huascarán National Park is located and is one of the most visited in Peru. We stayed in Caraz for a couple of nights and did the Laguna Paron hike. After those 2 nights, we headed down to Huaraz where we currently are.

In total, we will be doing 7 or 8 hikes. These hikes can be difficult not only for the elevation gain & length but because of how high some of these areas are. Huaraz sits at just over 3,000 meters. Today we did a hike that took us to 4,550 meters. It takes some time to get used to this altitude but it is totally worth it.

On Wednesday my girlfriend Kelsey is flying in and we will continue to do some hikes around Huaraz until we start to head south. So far Peru has been amazing and I know it will only get better from here.

laguna paron
ahuac mountain
laguna ahuac huaraz