There can be many worries when booking a long flight around the world. A common destination that takes many hours to get there is Australia or Japan. These destinations are so unique and amazing that everyone should visit them someday. The idea of being on a plane for 10+ hours can scare people into not booking it. In this post, I will give some tips on how to make them more manageable and potentially even fun! If you are on the fence still, here are some reasons to travel this upcoming year!

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Maybe I’m alone on this but there’s truly no reason to dress fancy while getting on a plane. The truth is nobody cares what you’re wearing. All most people want on a plane is the same as what you want, for it to be over as fast as possible. So you might as well be wearing the most comfortable clothing possible right? Here are some suggestions:

  • Sweat Pants or Gym Shorts
  • Sneakers with Thick Socks
  • Hoodie for When It’s Cold and Can Double as a Pillow

Download Movies/Podcasts/Audiobooks on a Device

Not all planes have TVs, especially if you are flying on the cheapest airline you could find. If you have a laptop or iPad you can bring, try to download something to listen to or watch. This will help the time go by faster and it’ll feel like you go to your destination that much faster.

Bring Noise-canceling Headphones

We’ve all been on that one plane where there is a baby who will not stop crying. It makes trying to sleep, have a conversation or even just think, difficult. Investing in a great pair of noise-canceling headphones can do wonders for your travels. You won’t be distracted by anyone or anything and you will grow to love them. 

Sit Next To People You Know

This may sound like an obvious one but having someone you know to sit next to you can really make the difference on these long-haul flights. Many budget airlines make you pay to choose your seat, which sucks but can definitely be worth it. The conversations you have alone will help make time pass. You can also watch movies together and finish out some last-minute itinerary decisions that you haven’t decided on yet. If you don’t want to spend the money, it’s always worth a shot to ask someone if they mind switching. Hopefully, they didn’t spend any money on that seat or you may be out of luck.

Avoid Jet Lag and Sleep Right

My last tip is knowing how to avoid jet lag by sleeping at the right time on your flight. If you are traveling across the world and only for a couple of weeks, jet lag can really hinder your experience. The rule of thumb is to try and go to sleep when it is that time in the place you are going. For example, if you are flying to Japan from Dubai, you would want to go to sleep between 7 pm because it would be midnight in Japan already. Know the time difference before you go. 

If you have trouble sleeping on planes, some of the above suggestions would help, especially noise-canceling headphones. Another great tool would be bringing a blow-up pillow neck. Personally, if I try to sleep without one, my neck either hurts all day or I simply can’t sleep at all. Here is one I have heard great things about. 

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